We have combined many pre-designed blocks which you will need when building.

  • Features

    Predesigned Arken UI KIT to help you prototype and design beautiful interfaces for your and your clients. 12 Components with 300+ blocks Screens with variations. Custom Icons and Mockups All based on Affinity Designer App with 2 Typeface versions - with Free Google Font Open Sans, Montserrat. all are based on 1200px Grid system.

    *some images are for illustration purposes only

  • Name

26 Heros

26 hero styled, with simple edition, Is easy to create your own combined blocks layout 

  • 26 Product Showcase

    Showcase your product with many possibilitys

  • Name
  • 25 Pricing

    Various pricing tables for your site

  • Name

48 Footers

Infinity possibilities with 48 Footers pre designed blocks

12 Contacts

12 contact blocks, with much more design possibilities, when using all forms on the UI KIT.

42 Features

Show all your site features with 42 predesigned Features blocks

  • 46 E-commerce

    Clean and elegant E-commerce blocks with cards, sliders and much more.

  • Name
  • 46 Widgets

    46 widgets for boosting your website.

  • Name
  • Name
  • 21 Sliders & Navigations

    21 elegant minimalists sliders and navigation

  • 39 Forms

    39 forms with  infinite combination possibilities.

  • Name
  • Components

    All components are fully vectoring shapes ready to use on your project.

  • Name
  • Color Palette

    A Beautiful color palette for with various possibilities.

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  • Samples

    3 Beautiful sample pages to show the power of Arken UI KIT.

  • Name

Arken UI KIT

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